The empty Syrian army bases in Golan breathe pure past, even if the border conflict between Israel and Syria is still far from being resolved. The ruins in the eucalyptus trees testify to the story of the Israeli secret agent Elie Cohen. He worked his way up to highest ranks of the Syrian army as a respected diplomat and allowed the eucalyptus trees, otherwise rare in Golan, to be planted around the army bases. The official explanation was that the trees would conceal the bases from Israeli air strikes. He then alerted the Israeli army to simply bomb the eucalyptus trees in Golan. Israel won the war, and Elie Cohen paid for the treason with his life. The future of the barracks is yet to be decided. Who knows, maybe Israelā€˜s planned expansion of tourism in the Golan will see them reopened as the Elie Cohen Memorial Bungalow.