Ports are transit stations for goods and humans, a joint between movement on land and movement on water. Beaches, on the other hand, are places of temporary sojourn where bathers briefly blur the distinction between water and land. Free time instead of migration and commerce. The Mediterranean Sea was the first destination of the mass tourism that emerged in the mid 20th century. Its manifestations, however, could hardly be more different than here, on the Mediterranean coast in Morocco between Tangier and al Hoceima (#20) and on the beach at Benidorm, Spain. (#21) During the 20th century, a total of 85 million tourists spent their holiday in Benidorm. With their modernist 1960s charm, the high-rise hotels contrast sharply with the holiday home settlements of the Spanish Mediterranean coast: Space-efficient and occupied by weekenders or long-term visitors almost year-round. Despite Spain‘s financial crisis, Benidorm is one of southern Europe‘s wealthiest cities. An anachronistic, yet sustainable breed of tourism?