The combination of construction and tourism is inherently difficult, as the buildings produced must accommodate a great number of short stays. Maybe that‘s what makes the hotel ruins, decades old, so picturesque. The tables have been turned: Everlasting concrete and the absence of humans are the opposite of what was intended. Agia Marina is a small town on the isle of Aegina, an hour‘s ferry ride from Athens. Tourists day-trip to Agia Marina to visit the famous Temple of Artemis, but ignore the temple of early mass tourism: The gigantic hotel project „Mariza“, built with the support of the Greek military junta. On this island of small apartment hotels and guesthouses, it would have been a novel exception. The same political involvements that rendered Varosia a tourist ruin sealed the fate of the Mariza as well: The Greek military junta‘s involvement in the Cyprus conflict that had provoked Turkish occupation in 1974 also led to the junta‘s fall. Tourism as a phenomenon of permanent shift and ruins as shifted permanence: An often reproduced relationship, not only forty years later during the Spanish real estate and economic crisis.