The top of this tower would be an excellent place to get a perspective of the sea‘s empty horizon; however, in the watchtower on the beach where Israel and the Gaza Strip meet, the camera is just as taboo as it is in Beirut‘s Murr Tower. Instead of filming the sea from the tower, the camera captures the tower itself – until the frontier soldiers‘ warning sirens put an end to it. The view from the control tower somehow seems anachronistic in the face of a border on a beach that essentially separates Israeli and Palestine territories. As far as the eye can see and the ear can hear, the beach is full of cheerful Israeli beachgoers. Even after their retreat from the Gaza Strip in 2005, Israel still maintains control of the area‘s airspace. Using the most modern drone technology available, they guard the area, shooting their Palestine targets from the air. When the vertical perspective disconnects from the body as well as from the built environment, the construction of towers becomes superfluous.