The preservation, but also the adaptation of social or religious practices in Diaspora conditions casts shadows on the idea of the authentic. The Al-Ghriba Synagogue on the Tunisian tourist island Djerba is considered the spiritual centre of the oldest Jewish Diaspora on African soil. The few hundred remaining Jewish families there live in a town near the synagogue. Surrounded by a largely Islamic community, they pass their traditions, faith and way of living along to their children. The „authentic“ has become a tourist attraction: The number of non-Jewish visitors to the synagogue per day exceeds the total number of Jewish community members in Djerba. From the outside, the „Torah Disneyland“ (Dániel Péter Biró) looks more like a high-security fortress – showed that the Diaspora dangers are still real. In a terrorist attack on the synagogue in April 2002, a lorry filled with liquid gas drove into the synagogue walls. Nineteen tourists died. Fourteen of them were German.