In the Mediterranean region, religion is still one of the most important mediums for maintaining cultural identity. When Serbs in Italian Trieste (#65), Armenians in largely Muslim Istanbul (#67) or Coptic Christians in Cairo (#69) meet to worship on Sundays, it is also a sign of solidarity against political isolation. Turkey has yet to officially acknowledge the genocide of Armenians during Ottoman rule; in fact, calling it genocide is punishable by law. Attacks on Coptic churches in Egypt occur not only since the revolution of 2011.On the other hand, identities can be reinvented at any time, unlike the sometimesimmovable boundaries that run between nations, confessions and economic areas. Even in countries like Egypt, Turkey or Cyprus, the alternative associations between people that have been created through migration and the internet might cause the definition of identity through territory, language, ethniticity and supposedly „pure faith“ to lose importance.