Taking the hundreds of mobile phone cameras into consideration, our camera is hardly the only one to declare the 700 metre-long table on Istanbul‘s shopping avenue a stage. The game of illusions that reinterprets traditions is taken to a new level: Here, several days after the disputed Gezi Park has been reopened, the Muslim practice of breaking the Ramadan fast together after sundown is also an elegant dissolution of the boundaries between a political demonstration and the performance of a ritual. This time, it was difficult for police to disperse the crowd with tear gas. It is, after all, the government party AKP – under the leadership of minister president Erdogan himself – that strives to strengthen Muslim practices. During the Gezi Park protest, theatrics proved their value as a real political practice: Instead of violent demonstration, the choreographer Erdem Gündüz stood motionless on Taksim Square for hours on end. Gündüz, now famously the „standing man“, was the inspiration for thousands of others to do the same.