Ports have always been established in places where people were dependent on the im- and export of goods. But when the importance of commerce overshadows the quality of life on the shore – as in Valencia – port and city need not necessarily continue to share the same location. An example is the Port Tanger-Med. Completed in 2008, it is not only the most important prestige project of the Moroccan industrialisation, but also the largest new port construction in the Mediterranean area by far – and thus also a new central economic factor for the western Mediterranean. Located fifty kilometres northeast of the old port city Tangier, the new port abbreviates the crossing from Algeciras or Gibraltar by thirty minutes. There are buses, trains and extensive motorway networks there for continued travel and transport. Those arriving at Tanger-Med are greeted with the words „God, Fatherland and King“ – the inscription in Arabic on the mountain above the port.