Back to the emptiness of the constructed infrastructure and the fence. Charter tourism and cheap airfare were two of the necessary conditions for the construction boom in the years before the crisis. Unlike horizontal passage by ship, airplane travel brings short holidays closer for central Europeans. The airport in Castellón was intended to draw Europe closer together. With the €150 million construction of the airport near the coast between Tarragona and Valencia, Carlos Fabra, governor of the province, apparently wanted to erect a monument. He commissioned the artist Juan Ripollés for €600 000 to create an oversized Medusa head, entitled „The Plane Man“, to be placed at the airport entrance. Since construction began in 2004, the plane head has remained the only flying object in the area. The crisis and a lack of airline interest to redirect jets to Castellón in an area already well connected by airports – such as those in Reus and Valencia – have rendered the airport yet another monument to wasteful spending.