The epilogue of this catalogue returns once again to the panorama. But not to the Mediterranean horizon line; instead, to the vernal expanses of the Golan highlands. This is the only footage of Syria – due to the security situation, the only country we were not able to visit on our Mediterranean research journey. The images were taken in April 2013, when I visited Golan with the composer and DJ Nimrod Katzir. The camera‘s position: A hill on Israeli soil, about 100 metres from the fence that delineates the ceasefire line. During follow-up research in January 2014, Nimrod drew my attention to a short video-clip on the internet. Filmed from exactly the same position two months after our visit, in June 2013, it shows everything that we had „missed“ in April. In a single day, the nearby Syrian settlement Quneitra had been seized by rebels and reclaimed by government troops. „You will not be able to capture it on film, you know that?“